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Should You Install An Electric Vehicle Charger In Your Home?

An EV charger installation is a cost-effective way to save yourself time and faff. With the growing demand for public charging and the rise of electric vehicles on the road, we recommend getting ahead of the trend before the number of EVs outgrows available public stations.

The process is simple and pain-free. You’ll be able to charge your vehicle whenever you want from the comfort of your own home. To help you decide whether a home charging station is a good investment for you, we’ve compiled a short overview of all the benefits you could take advantage of.

How Easy Is An EV Charger Installation?

Installing an EV charger might be a lot easier than you think. Generally speaking, you could see a functioning system at your home within a single working day.

However, before we go into the process of installation, it’s important to outline a couple of tasks you as the homeowner can do to help.

  • Move your vehicle away from your desired EV Charger installation location so there is room to fit it
  • Discuss the wiring path of your pod and remove any obstacles for ease of access
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is working and is available to connect your EV charger to the internet
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With these tasks completed, your electrician will be able to arrive at your home and start your EV charger installation without any issues. They’ll begin with attaching the pod to a brick or plaster wall of your choosing. From there, they will run up to 15 metres of cable to your mains power supply.

There will be a couple of power outages for safety and functionality tests, and from there your station will be completely operational. It’s a simple process, and once your contractor has told you how to use the system and connected it to your Wi-Fi, you’ll be free to charge as soon as you please.

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Home Charging VS Public Charging

If you compare the home charging experience to the public charging experience, it’s easy to see why you should opt for an EV charger installation for your home.

To make it straightforward, we’ve created a table outlining the positives and negatives of each. You can see the many benefits you could be taking advantage of by installing a charging pod on your home.

Home ChargingPublic Charging
Instant availabilityPotential queues
Affordable & fastHigher rates
Safe & hassle-freePotential for criminal damage
Opportunity for renewable sourcesNo control over power source
Overnight chargingExtended wait times

Contact RCD Electrical For A Reliable EV Charger Installation

If you’re interested in an EV charger installation, then get in touch with RCD Electrical. Our friendly, qualified and Trustmark accredited contractors will deliver a high-quality system installed efficiently to ensure you’re saving cost and time as soon as possible.

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