Electrical Rewiring Cardiff

Does your house need electrical rewiring? Do your renovation plans require you to move lots of electrical sockets around the house? Look no further than R C D Electrical Contractors. Our team can carry out all manner of wiring projects in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

Full & Partial Rewiring

Your home might not always need a full rewiring service. A partial service is great for homes that only need to upgrade sections of electrical wires. This could be due to aging circuits or electrical faults. No matter what the reason is, our team can inspect your system and recommend the best course of action. Our number one priority is ensuring that your family’s home is safe. If anything crops up that could pose a risk, we’ll make it safe as soon as possible.

How Often Should Your Home Be Rewired?

The recommended frequency is to rewire your home every 20 to 25 years. This should catch any wires that are degrading in quality before they become dangerous. It also ensures that your wiring meets the most current building safety standards. If you suspect that any of the wiring in your home was carried out by an unqualified DIY’er, we recommend booking in for a rewire immediately. You can never be too careful when it comes to the electrical safety of your home.

If you aren’t sure when your property was last rewired, a member of R C D Electrical’s friendly team can carry out an inspection. We’ll then give you a recommendation for when you should consider rewiring.

How Is Electrical Rewiring Done?

Before any work is carried out, we’ll perform a full property inspection. We will also ask you if you want to add any new electrical systems or move any existing devices. This initial consultation gives you the opportunity to share your requirements with us while we educate you on the safest way to carry out any changes.

During your rewiring service, you can expect to have all your wires, switches and sockets replaced. This ensures that your systems are compliant with modern safety standards. We may also need to replace your fuse board. After everything is done, we’ll clean up after ourselves and ensure your property is as good as new.


Rewiring can be disruptive depending on your houses circuitry and interior design. However, with appropriate planning and flexibility, it’s possible to rewire your property without the need to move out.

Yes, you can prepare rooms by moving furniture and placing protective covers down. Rewiring can sometimes require chasing and cutting of walls which creates dust and debris. So preparing for this can save time and protect belongings.

Wiring should last a few decades. The life expectancy of circuitry is about 30 years. After this, you can expect some work to required on your property’s wiring.

Choose R C D Electrical Contractors For Rewiring In Cardiff

If you need a rewiring service in Cardiff, look no further than the team at R C D Electrical Contractors. Because every property is unique, we encourage you to contact us for an accurate quote. Depending on the age and status of your property, rewiring costs can vary. However, we strive to keep our services highly competitive. Give us a call today for a no-obligation chat.

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