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Is Now The Time To Buy An Electric Vehicle?

With the soaring price of fuel and the effect that petrol and diesel cars have on the environment, EV charging is becoming more and more enticing as time goes by.

Electric vehicles offer several important advantages in a society where fossil fuels are no longer a realistic or sustainable resource. If you’re thinking of buying one, we’ve put together this brief overview outlining the benefits of electric vehicles to help you decide.

The Benefits Of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles offer a sustainable approach to the environment and your bank account. With the initial investment of EVs lowering every year, it’s starting to become a viable alternative to fuel-powered vehicles.

Environmental Impact

It’s no secret that petroleum-based fuels contribute massively to the decline of our environment and our planet. Not just in cars, but the transport industry in general is slowly damaging our ecosystem.

Electric vehicles are starting to offer salvation in terms of environmentally friendly transport. Not only does electricity release zero emissions, but EV charging even has the potential to be powered by sustainable and renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar.

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Cost-effective Commuting

A fantastic addition to EVs is not just the eco-friendly aspect, but the affect it has on your monthly bills. According to the Energy Saving Trust, EV vehicles will cost between £8 – £12 to travel 200 miles. Compared to approximately £30 for a petrol vehicle, that’s a saving of over 50%.

You could be saving anywhere from 50-75% of your weekly commuting costs by investing in an EV vehicle.

EV Charging & The Environment

At RCD Electrical, we offer EV charging installations for your home to completely optimise your savings. It’s a simple and pain-free process. We simply connect one of our high-quality stations into the grid of your home, so you can plug your vehicle in at your leisure.

No longer will you be plagued by petrol station prices and inconveniences. You can fuel your vehicle from the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost.

Electric Car Driving

Additionally, with the rising prevalence of renewable energy, you could see your EV charged by sustainable power such as wind turbines. Furthermore, you could go even beyond that and install solar panels in your home. Through this avenue, you could dramatically reduce your impact on the environment by installing two extremely cost-effective and eco-friendly systems.

Contact RCD Electrical For All Your EV Charging Installations

Our fully qualified professionals are ready to discuss and install sustainable EV charging in your home, should you decide to invest in an electric vehicle. We’re Trustmark and Construction Line accredited so you can be confident in all our installations.

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