Electrical Rewiring

How To Prepare For Electrical Rewiring

Are you looking for electrical rewiring services? This is the process of removing wiring and installing new wiring systems, along with new related components like sockets and a fuse box. If you have an old electric system, typically over 20-25 years, this process is beneficial for increasing safety, reducing the risk of fire, and ensuring the property is compliant with the latest building regulations. Find out how to prepare for one with RCD.

Organise A Full Property Inspection

Before any work is started, a full inspection is needed on the property. As electrical rewiring is quite invasive by nature, it must be done with the appropriate planning. The electrician will look at all the aspects of the property’s system and advise what needs to be done.

fuse box being tested by electrician
electrical plug in socket

Make Requests Before Electrical Rewiring

During the initial consultation, it’s good to express any concerns or requests you need to make before work is carried out. Having all the information up front will ensure the process will go seamlessly. So, if you want something changed or wish to have a socket moved, for example, it’s good to let your electrician know beforehand.

Some people may choose to move out during the process, however, with the correct planning it is possible to complete electrical rewiring without moving out.  The power will need to be turned off when the works are being carried out. So, if you are flexible, there will be no need to find alternative accommodation.

Move Furniture

Once you know exactly where is going to be affected in your home, the rooms should be prepared beforehand so the actual process goes as seamlessly. Ensure rooms are tidy, and furniture is moved away from the sockets if possible. Sometimes floorboards, walls, and ceilings might need to be cut into, so it’s good to ensure there is enough access. Your electrician will inform you of any work that needs to be done.

electrician removing plug socket
electrician cutting wires for plug

Protect Belongings

Electrical rewiring can be a messy job by nature. Though your contractors endeavour to be as clean and tidy as possible, the work they carry out can be dusty. For preventative protection, it’s good to cover things with a protective sheet wherever possible. After everything is done, our team will clean up after ourselves, but protective sheets will make this process quicker.

Get In Touch With Us Today For Quality Electrical Rewiring

If you’re looking for professionals to carry out these works on your property, contact us now. Our friendly team can help with full or partial electrical rewiring work. We can advise from the inspection what needs to be done.

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